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Kelp is an amazing resource for our compost mix. Pound per pound, kelp supplies more minerals than any other material on the planet. In the garden, it also aerates the soil and makes an excellent mulch around potato plants, fruit-bearing shrubs, bulbs and perennials. And, contrary to popular belief, seaweed does not add harmful salts to the garden. Kelp is a "neutral" ingredient, in that it doesn't fit in the nitrogen or the carbon category. Yet, it benefits every compost pile by adding fluff. We are lucky enough to receive our kelp from a local lake harvester. It dries out quickly and we think it's the finishing touch to our perfect blend.

Composting has become our passion. What started as a recycling effort for our landscaping company, All Things Green, in 2005 has completely changed the face and focus of our business. Our maintenance and construction divisions were hauling all of our green waste to the landfill twice a week. In order to save money, we cleared out a small space at our shop and decided to compost our green waste. We were not only saving on gasoline, but on tipping fees as well! Our efforts produced a lot of trial and effort and a definite learning experience! We went to seminars, talked to people on the phone, did research on the internet…and we are still learning every day. We continually monitor temperature, moisture, and oxygen levels to make sure they're where they need to be for the micro-organisms to break down the organic material. This year, we are truly seeing the fruits of our labor. We are able to use our compost in all of our construction jobs. Everything planted in this premium mix thrives. We planted an experimental garden this year with raised beds and compost as the only component in the soil. Everything we've planted has absoultely exploded! Check out the pictures of our garden on our sister site, We've started a Green Gardeners program for our customers and we're very excited to help people save money at the supermarket by growing their own fruits and vegetables!

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