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We make three different types of compost teas: tea from our rich humus, tea from our premium compost and tea from worm castings harvested on site. All are amazing additives for your plants. Contact us today and let us explain how this incredible natural tea will enhance plant growth and get rid of annoying pests.

We're so happy that you stumbled upon our site. This has been an amazing journey for us. GreenscapeOrganics is a result of a recycling effort started by our sister company, All Things Green in 2005. We never dreamed that a small cost saving effort on our part would literally change the face of our company and bring about something new. We are passionate about bringing our soil back to life…by recycling what was provided by nature, turning it into compost, and applying it back into the ground as a premium soil amendment.

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One of our primary goals is to educate our community about the many benefits of composting. We will be starting a pilot program in the fall of 2011 bring vermicomposting into our local elementary schools. We're excited to see how the kids react when they see the worms eating their garbage! GreenscapeOrganics will be starting community gardens and helping our partner schools with setting up their own gardens using healthy soil as a starting point and fertlizing with worm teas.

Then we want to hear from you! If you aren't currently composting and actively trying to change the health of your soil, then we want to help! Let us help you get back to the basics…it's a very simple process.

Are you looking for ways to become green? Would you like to save money at the grocery store? Let us help you set up a home composting system and a back yard garden. You'll be amazed at how much you can grow in a small space when you use the square foot gardening techniques.